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Good but could be better

Both the metabolic boost and detox had good flavor, but I think the metabolic boost was too sweet from the stevia for my taste. The detox packages didn’t seem to last me even after following the instructions of drinking every other night. I may get it again in the future.

Detox Tea 28 Days

Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE

Metabolic Boost 40 Days

Detox review tea

It’s great. Fulfill my expectations

exxxcellent fat burner

it seems to be working.I like it.neeed to use it 4 ever.goood stuff.


Great herbs

Super Goji Blast

Great product! Gives me that extra oomph during the day. Helps me stay on my diet.

My favorite tea!! The taste is great and I love to drink it hot or cold. I don’t buy this tea anymore for the effects but rather the taste, however, it does subdue hunger for a couple of hours (for me) and gives me ALL the energy! I’ve also noticed since drinking it so regularly that I have lost some weight (I am not on a diet but always eat consciously) and it seems to be keeping the weight off. Highly recommend this tea!

Amazing product

Great results.

My Go-To Tea!!

love 💘 this tea! Wakes me up in the morning.


This tea detox really works for me.

its ok

have to get used to the flavor. havent really noticed anything different


Works wonders, 5th time ordering this product.. A+++++


Nice product it helps, but the taste is a little ugh. Overall it does what isnsuppto do.

5 star

This product is the truth I tried all types of detox dont work 4 me but matefit does thank you so much for this product it taste pretty good for a bunch of herbs

Good tea

I love it and the taste isn’t bad at all

Metabolic Boost 40 Days

Taste great!

Has a good taste. I dont add anything to it. I'm a tea and coffee person so no need for honey or sugar. It definitely works lol. I have to go as soon as I get up in the morning. Haha

Purple shaker cup

Amazing! Love it and the color beautiful!

Teatox 28 Days Tea ULTIMATE

Love this stuff

love this stuff


I love it. I feel the burn, and the energy that stage fat burner gives me. Specially all day. Thank you MateFit 💕 I love my with a nice green drink.